Mucklestone Fisheries Teal’s Pond. Stocked silver fish , tench 2015

We have a range of fishing lakes at Mucklestone Fisheries . Enjoy a pleasant time in quiet surroundings  . 

Annual Membership (from 1st May) available at the Nursery during Nursery opening hours (Wed.- Fri. , 9.00-5, Sats in Summer ) . No fishing without pre-payed membership. £40/yr ., £20 after September, £10 after Christmas .

Name , address , phone no. , email address and car registration no (if applic.) to be supplied.   

The Marl Pit        Georges Pond      &  Teal’s Pond  . 

The Marl Pit – good sized Carp , some large Koi

Georges Pond – good sized tench