E N Nurseries

East Northdown Nursery in Thanet, Kent.

East Northdown Nursery, between Margate and Broadstairs, Kent is our home nursery in the North East corner of Kent, many of our plants are propagated from stock plants in the gardens that have been proven to suit the local Mediterranean micro-climate with chalk soil, low rainfall and drying winds – trees shrubs, perennials,  grasses and ferns and  a range of ‘old fashioned’ half hardy conservatory plants. These plants are listed in our online catalogue with RHS nursery location code SEND (South:- East North Down). We stock a limited range of vegetable plugs and bedding plants in season as well as sundries – pots , composts , mulch , stone etc. , but we are a plant nursery , not a typical garden garden centre. However our tenants provide an increasing range of  complimentary goods and services.  

Will working in NurseryAs well as coastal and chalk loving plants we offer perennial plants, trees and shrubs propagated at our other nursery in the Midlands, for those who have the right conditions to grow these, as well as our own Christmas trees in season. Between the two sites we are able to offer a uniquely comprehensive range of garden plants for growing conditions across the country. These are listed on our on line catalogue at www.botanyplants.co.uk.

As We, William and Louise, personally propagate the plants , maintain the grounds and run the business centres  at both sites between us, with only a minimal band of part time and/or semi retired staff , we have had to reduce our opening hours accordingly. East Northdown Nursery is now closed on Sundays – except in Dec, ( for the sale of Christmas Trees), from mid- April, to mid-Aug and also closed on Mondays all year. We are Closed on Easter Sunday , and from Christmas to mid January. Taddy’s Barn, and our other concessions , are open separately at different times. 

The Gardens

louise_and_willWe have extensive plantings around the car parks, road frontage and business centre as well as the farmhouse gardens. We liken this to the plantings around the Oxford colleges and parks , or the botanic gardens at Ein Gedi, Isreal, where the botanic gardens are integrated with the homes and workplaces across the whole kibbutz village. Our plants are chosen to cope with local chalky and coastal conditions and include many rare or unusual slightly tender ‘Mediterranean’ plants, and more tender conservatory plants grown in pots.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the gardens .

Taddy’s Barn Cafe & Tea Room, offers teas and light lunches (see contacts page). It is an excellent venue to meet friends or to take a break from exploring the Gardens, local beaches or Margate’s up and coming art scene and retro shops, and can be booked for family events etc. 

Whilst most of our customers live locally,  we also get to see lots of holidaymakers, and weekenders too, who are staying in the nearby towns or visiting relatives in the area. Our selection and prices are hard to beat.

We are always happy to see any visitors and you can be sure of a ‘Friendly’ welcome when visiting the nursery. 

U.S.Dept.Agric. hardiness zone map for Europe shows Thanet as having the same hardiness zone 9 as Barcelona, Rome, Marseilles and Istanbul .