Mucklestone Nurseries in North Shropshire / Staffordshire

church-farm-2Our second plant nursery in the West Midlands specialises in a complimentary range of plants better suited to the cooler, wetter, more acidic conditions of the north and west of Britain.

The plants that are grown and propagated at Mucklestone have the RHS location code MMuc. in our online catalogue


Specialist Plant Centre

church-farmMucklestone Nurseries is nursery set up by William Friend and his wife Louise (Mucklestone nursery map here). They live and have their main nursery in Kent where they grows ‘Mediterranean’ plants, suited to the dry, exposed but mild micro-climate of the Isle of Thanet. At Mucklestone Nurseries they are able to grow a complimentary range of plants suited to the moister, more acidic conditions of the west and north of Britain, such as azaleas, heathers, rhododendrons, bamboos, birches, rowans, acers and herbaceous perennials. Thus a complete range of plants can now be grown across the two sites in their optimal growing conditions. The areas around the nursery and around the business centre are being laid out as woodland and meadow garden areas and arboretum. This allows the majority of plants to be propagated from stock of proven hardiness and suitability to the area and allows visitors to see how the plants grow. William has restored the farmhouse gardens with traditional mixed borders and orchards,. These grounds are open during normal opening hours. 


  • We are a family run plant nursery in a stunning rural landscape
  • Close to David Austin’s Roses, Hodnet,Wollaton, Bridgemere, Trentham and Dorothy Clive Gardens
  • 1000’s of different trees shrubs and perennials to choose from suitable to local conditions, most of which can be seen growing around the gardens and grounds.
  • Stock of larger specimen trees and shrubs at competitive prices.
  • We grow Christmas Trees of all shapes and sizes – A selection are available pre-cut in the run up to Christmas at the nursery but larger trees are best cut to order – order or choose your special tree and have it delivered from mid Nov – mid Dec. .  


mucklestone-shot1Mucklestone Nurseries is in a stunning location, with views across to North Wales and Shropshire, and across to Mucklestone Church. The Nurseries form part of ‘Church Farm’ which has extensive native woodlands, ponds and natural unimproved meadows. It is managed to enhance these habitats for the many threatened species such as wild daffodils and native dormice, found on the farm. Visitors can explore the garden areas at any time at no charge or alternatively book a group visit for a tour led by William when visitors can be shown round the farm, woodlands, gardens and Nursery.

William is available by appointment  (info@botanyplants , m.07714241668), to give talks to garden groups in the Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire and surrounded areas, and to give guided tours of his gardens . Also able to give a talk to Church Groups on his recent tour of the Holy Land- (-and its plants !.) 

visit us at Red Cross, Plant Heritage and local Plant Hunter Fairs 


Mucklestone Nurseries and Business Center hosts an Annual Spring Woodland Walk starting from the nursery. The walk is normally held on the 1st Saturday after Easter,- Sat. April 7th 2018, Sat April 27th 2019 , April 18th 2020 – during the afternoon. The walk is entirely free. Items of of geological, botanical and general interest are  marked along the route, with notes. A full copy of these ‘teachers notes’ is available to download, and can form a useful teaching aid for students of all ages.  Teas are provided in St. Mary’s Church by the ladies of Mucklestone W.I. and stewarded by volunteers of the Turner Hodgkiss Community Nature reserve. Those unable to attend on the day may follow the trail from the Nursery at any time (during opening hours) during April and the first week of May .

Plants from both nurseries are available on the website for mail order and can be taken to either nursery for collection.  The nursery is open Wed-Thurs all year and Saturdays from April-July , at other times make  an appointment . If coming far please check first.

The Farm is also home to a growing number of small businesses, directly on the farm and woods and also in the Business Centre- in the old farm buildings   in the village, and also now at Beasley Barns 150m East of the Nurseries along Rock Lane.  If you are looking to relocate your business, why not join us in this attractive rural setting , where we can tailor premises to your requirements.

Opening Times
Wed.-Fri., + Sat. (Apr. – July, & Dec)    
Phone or text M: 07929 178751
Mucklestone Nursery Plan



Mucklestone Spring Walk

The Annual Spring walk will be held on the first Saturday afternoon, after Easter – Teas by Mucklestone W.I in St Mary’s 3 til 5. Parents and teachers can download the map and teachers notes below, the nature trail remains open for 5 weeks (April and 1st wk May) during normal nursery opening hours: – 7th April 2018, 27th April 2019, 18th April 2020 .


Woodland Walk – Download Notes for teachers / Guides  Nature Trail 18