Mucklestone Nurseries in North Shropshire / Staffordshire

church-farm-2Our secondary plant nursery in the West Midlands specialises in a range of plants better suited to the cooler, wetter, more acidic conditions of the north and west of Britain. As well as hardy trees, shrubs and perennials , We keep calcifuge plants from South Africa, Chile or Australia, suited to areas like the Wirral or Anglesey, under cover, that we cannot keep in Kent due to the harder water.  

These are complimentary to the ‘Mediterranean type chalk and drought tolerant plants  we grow for East Kent. The plants that are grown and propagated at Mucklestone have the RHS location code MMuc. in our online catalogue. 


Specialist Plant Centre

church-farmMucklestone Nurseries is a small plant nursery set up by William and Louise Friend. Our main nursery and home is in Kent ,  where we grow ‘Mediterranean’ plants, suited to the dry, exposed but mild micro-climate of the Isle of Thanet and chalk soils.  At Mucklestone Nurseries we are able to grow a complimentary range of plants suited to the moister, more acidic conditions of the west and north of Britain, including a wide range of bamboos, trees. shrubs and perennials. But as it is run by a small part time team,  it does not have the comprehensive range of plants, seasonal bedding or vegetable plants or seeds , or other retail sundries etc. offered at our Kent site, at present. It is only open for limited hours. The garden areas and arboretum extend around the Farmhouse, Nursery and Business centre areas allowing the maintenance of stocks of a wide range of plants of proven name, hardiness and suitability to the area for propagation, but they are managed extensively with limited resources.  William compares the operation of his sites to the Oxford college gardens and parks of his alma mater or as at the biblical Oasis of Ein Gedi , as providing enhanced livingspace  and workspace amongst his living plant collections , and natural landscapes . The Ein Gedi kibbutz , by the dead sea, has built up a unique botanical collection of dessert plants from around the world, as well as being a work and living space for the community. 
We are /offer :- 
  • A small plant nursery in a stunning rural landscape.
  • Close to David Austin’s Roses, Hodnet, Wollaton, Bridgemere, Trentham and Dorothy Clive Gardens
  • An eclectic mix of trees shrubs and perennials – many of which can be seen growing around the business centre , fishing lakes , and grounds.
  • Christmas Trees of all sizes  cut to order during 1st week of December , Will 07714241668  .
  • business premises available to rent and offering wide range of complimentary services Will 07714241668  . 
  • fishing club membership – apply Will 07714241668.  

Visitors can explore the grounds areas during open hours . 

mucklestone-shot1Mucklestone Nurseries is in a stunning location, with views across to North Wales and Shropshire and across to Mucklestone Church. Generations of William’s family have served the parish as Rectors of St. Mary’s.  Beyond the Mucklestone Garden and Business Centre areas , the rest of the farm extends beyond with, in addition to the production areas of intensively farmed land,  areas of  permanent native pasture and natural unimproved meadows grazed by native breed sucker cows, 40 acres of native woodlands, ponds and areas of enhanced pollen , nectar and seeds for small birds and insects, all managed to enhance these varied habitats for the many species found there such as wild daffodils and native dormice,, the amenity of visitors biodiversity and carbon capture. Propagation of plants from the garden and  arboretum collections , allows the risks of importing new pests and diseases , that, with climate change, pose great threats to our natural habitats and ecology, to be minimised. The reverse of this policy is that we only have limited numbers of each line , and replacements can take a while to grow on. 

We open our Spring Woodland Trail , that starts from the nursery.  Items of of geological, botanical and general interest can be seen along the route. A full copy of these ‘teachers notes’ and map is available to download, and can form a useful teaching aid for students of all ages. The trail , which starts from the Nursery, can be taken during opening hours in April and the first week of May- before turn out of the livestock. 

Plants available on the website for order (contact Louise Friend 07714241667, ).  The nursery is open Wed-Thurs all year and Saturdays from April-Sept, at other times make  a prior appointment with Chris  first-07708 534356 .

Mucklestone Garden and Business centre is home to many small businesses, directly on the farm, the nursery buildings ,the woodyard and also in the Business Centre- the main block is in the old farm buildings   in the village, and Beasley Barns are in the middle of the farm in a picturesque parkland area , that used to host the North Staffordshire point to point races on Easter Saturday for many years.  If you are looking to relocate your business, or just looking for a ‘mancave’ or ‘studio space’ why not join us in this attractive rural setting , where we can tailor premises to your requirements.                               Will Friend 07714241668 . 

Wed.-Fri., all year , + Sat. (Apr. – Sept)    
Phone or text Chris M: 07708 534356 
Mucklestone Nursery Plan


Mucklestone Nurseries by Wrekin Geo Drone Services Ltd








Woodland Walk – Download Notes for teachers / Guides  Nature Trail 18

Mucklestone Spring Walk plan .