Plant Information

As coastal areas receive fewer and less intense frosts than inland areas , one is able to grow many slightly tender shrubs and plants, however they often need to have tough grey or green waxy leaves, or narrow or hairy leaves to ensure they are not burned up by the salty winds especially during frosty spells when soil moisture is locked up . Chalky soils are very free draining and often occur on the drier south and east of Britain further increasing the requirement for plants to be drought tolerant to survive. Fortunately plants suited to drier “mediterranean” climates are often more tolerant of calcareous soils (which is saturated with calcium and other minerals) than those from wetter climates , where soil minerals do not accumulate in the top soil but are washed downwards.

Seafront garden plants should be planted in cushions so each plant gives protection to those behind it . Single plants sticking up above the others are liable to have there leaves burnt off. The tender new foliage of deciduous trees and shrubs are especially vulnerable.

Download: Planting for coastal areas over Chalk

Download: Planting in Dry Shade


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