Placing an order at plant nurseries

At The Plant Nursery
Choosing the plants for your site
We try to stock a comprehensive range of plants across our two sites – tender , Mediterranean and chalk tolerant plants in Kent , and hardy trees , shrubs perennials in Staffs. From this range we can help you select plants to suit your planting scheme and ground conditions, either at the nurseries, by phone or e-mail. If you have a list of plants suggested by an architect, designer or a list you have seen or read about, we can check that these are suitable for your site and tailor a selection of plants from our stocks to suit your needs and to create the effect you are seeking.



Cistus Cyprius

Making an enquiry

Please e-mail us with a list of the plants you require , and we shall reply, once we have checked our stocks, stating quantities and sizes available. Details of the range of plants that we have at each location can be found in our plants lists. Plants stocked primarily in Kent are marked with RHS nursery code SEND – South East NorthDown, and MMuck for Midlands -Mucklestone. We are regularly travelling between the two so can make up orders from both Nurseries for collection or delivery from either. As we are constantly propagating and sourcing new stock , stocks may vary from year to year. As we have over 2,000 varieties/species we only stock limited ‘retail’ quantities of each item. Larger quantities of plants of a specific variety can be propagated to order given enough advanced warning – we have even done this for customers including Kew Gardens.  Please supply us with your full contact details – including any delivery address and day time phone number – as these are required in due course.

Order Confirmation    On confirmation of availability of your order, we recommend visiting to make your final selection, collection and payment on a ‘click and collect’ basis . We can also arrange delivery or deliver personally.  Returns – in the event of disappointment with any plant , a full refund can be given for plants returned to the nurseries – but not any carriage or other costs incurred, sorry, as the plants are sold on an ‘ex nursery’ basis. 


Remote payments are usually by BACS, or credit/debit card over the phone .

Please note that our catalogue shows the usual pot size in which each variety is likely to be available, and the price. Many shrubs / trees can also be available in larger specimen sizes, or smaller ‘liner’ sizes. As explained below , prices are having to rise – those shown on this web site are now out to date and should be used as a guide only. Set out below is our typical price scale.
POT SIZE Typical Cost Information
Six packs £2.95 bedding plants
9cm £2.95 /£3.95 Alpines, Rock Plants 
1Litre £4.95/£6.95 Small Perennials
2 Litre £6.95/£8.95 Perennials, Ferns, Small shrubs
3 Litre £8.95/£12.95  Shrubs, roses , climbers
5 or 7.5 Litre £14.95/£19.95 Shrubs
10 Litre £29.95/£39.95 Trees, Specimen Shrubs
15 Litre + £39.95+ Larger specimen trees and shrubs
Centranthus Rubia Alba
Please Note
 Some lines which are slow growing or difficult to propagate are one level more expensive or individually priced , whilst items such as hedging are often one level cheaper. Our published on line prices may well be out of date, together with the availability of some lines.
Sourcing of plants we cannot propagate ourselves is becoming increasingly difficult . Most of our network of small ‘liner’ producers and specialist propagators in the UK have retired or closed.  We can no longer visit our friends and colleagues in the EU to source plants. The new Plant Health regimes are adding considerable new extra layers of difficulty, bureaucracy and cost.   

Cost of Delivery

We are not a Mail Order Nursery – new post Brexit plant passporting regulations dictate we may only supply our end user customers.  Deliveries may be made of plants purchased from the nurseries .   We endeavour to keep these ‘at cost’ .  
Delivery or carriage  to the EU or Northern Ireland is no longer permitted . As a guide:-


Church Farm in SpringThanet and Market Drayton areas normally free, at our discretion/ convenience. 
Small parcels less than 1.5 kg £5
1-3 3ltr shrubs £6
larger parcels pro rata
Large trees are difficult or impossible to send by courier. 
Where timing of delivery is not critical we can usually deliver in Kent, South Coast, or main M25, M11, M4, M5, M1 and M6 corridors at a typical cost of £10-£20, with occasional trips further afield to Scotland , Wales and the West country. These are at our discretion and convenience and during the dormant season.  




Our plants may not have the instant ‘eye appeal’ of a typical imported or greenhouse grown garden centre plant in flower, but should prove hardy and develop and thrive over the years in a suitable location. We ask customers to visit the nurseries to view their plants before purchase where possible. If any plants supplied by us are not as anticipated we would ask that they are returned. A full refund will be given for the returned plants (but not delivery or return costs I’m afraid). Due to our limited stock we do not undertake to send out replacements.