St Mary’s Mission Church – Northdown Foundation Stone laid 1892

On Tuesday 20th October 1892 the foundation stone of a new Mission Church being built at Northdown, near Margate, by Mr. J. T. Friend 5J.P. and Mrs. Friend was laid in the presence of a large and interested gathering of the villagers and others including Captain Hatfield, Mr. and Mrs. Boys, Miss De, Vaynes, Mr. Churchwarden Malins, Mr. O. Bodger, Mr. Manser. J. Brown and almost enclosed by a cluster of trees, is being built by Miss. J. Brown & Son, Margate from plans by Mr. T. Andrews, A.R.I.B.A. Margate. The structure is in flint with red brick and stone dressings and the interior fittings will be of pitch pine, whils the inner linings of the walls will be bath stone. The length is 42 feet width 18 feet and 6 inches and height 26 feet. The east end will be apsedal in form and there will be a porch at the entrance and a vestry 80 to 90 worshipers. The clergy present at the ceremony were the Fosters, Rec. J. H. S. Randolph and the Rev. W. H. Sautez. The choir was composed of 18 scholars from Osborne House School and Mr. Pearson. the organist St. Paul’s Church presided at the Harmonium. The service opened with the hymn “In the name of earth and heaven … shall a house be builded here” after which followed prayer and blessings were evoked. Mrs. Friend then declared the stone well and truly laid and the concluding portion of the ceremony was carried out.

The stone which was of polished red Peterhead granite with gilt lettering had on the outside this inscription – “To the Glory if God this building is erected by J. T. and M. S. Friend A.D.DCCXC11″. The inner side was inscribed – “This stone was laid 28th June, 1892.” In the stone were placed a copy of the current issue of the “Times” and a copy of the service.

Mrs. Friend was presented with the silver trowel with which the stone was laid, and subsequently a party of about 25 were entertained to luncheon by Mr. and Mrs. Friend at their house Northdo

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