Lecture on Sir Joseph Banks and scientific exploration

Please follow this link for a powerpoint https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dfdCSqreSj6mXuqvdX_pbCQFjsrgILq4/view

presentation by Alastair Land , headmaster of Harrow School, on the explorations of Sir Joseph Banks , Charles Darwin and others. These are two particular heros of mine .  Banks was from a lincolnshire estate . He was a pioneering naturalist and botanist, who studied at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford (and elsewhere!) , named Australia’s Botany Bay and set up Kew Gardens as the unique institution it is today.

Darwin , was grandson of Staffordshire ‘Lunar men’ , Josiah Wedgewood and Erasmus Darwin , who’s enquiring minds and free thinking helped change the world forever. C Darwin spent his summers with his Wedgewood cousins shooting and ‘botanising’ in woods and meadows near Maer Hall , just over the hill from Mucklestone. 

Both travelled the world as young men , in a way that shaped their ideas and theories for the rest of their lives .

Well done Alastair , an inspiring talk for young men! 

The Sir Joseph Banks School Prize for Science has been awarded to my nephew , Freddie Murley , at the Park , who will be starting to read biology at Oxford this autumn . He is grandson of the president of the Royal College of surgeons , Sir Reginald Murley . Well done Freddie,  in the words of the Harrow School Song .. ‘..you’re living up to the giants of old you know ‘ !



Expert Advice for Gardeners

Garden lovers were in their element at a fundraiser in aid of the Thanet Pilgrims Hospice when William and Louise Friend, of East Northdown Farm and Gardens, offered guided garden tours for the charity.
There were also refreshments at the nursery tearoom, Taddy’s Barn, with tea and cake. Taddy’s Barn is operated by the Looking Ahead project, which provides training for young adults with special educational needs, who help around the nursery, gardens and workshops, and in caring for animals.

Advice for Gardeners

Hugo Meynall School children choose their Christmas tree.

Will started to cut Christmas Trees at Mucklestone last week , Pupils from Hugo Meynall School, Loggerheads, ‘went down to the woods’ to choose and cut their tree. – an 8ft Nordman Fir.

Pupils learn the their Firs from their Spruces from Will

Pupils learn the their Firs from their Spruces from Will

a frosty morn in Mucklestone Woods

a frosty morn in Mucklestone Woods

Mucklestone Woods

Mucklestone Woods- Will talks of Maples, Birch and Rowans, foxs , badgers and doormice

Mucklestone Woods

Mucklestone Woods

8ft Nordman fir tree

Will Cutting the tree chosen tree -8ft Nordman Fir.

Nursery is open daily to the general public between 10am and 4pm (in winter) and grows a variety of types of Christmas tree sold at both Mucklestone Nurseries and East Northdown Farm in Margate.  The trees are grown sustainably in the woodlands which are managed for their biodiversity under a woodland improvement scheme. Firs (Abies) species grow grown wild in mixed broadleaved forests around the nnorthern hemisphere, in the shaded understory, until a gap appears in the tree canopy above. Will’s growing system is designed to mimic nature’s natural growing environment for the Firs.

William Friend said, ‘We have started cutting our trees ready for Christmas. The wet season has suited them, and they are look great. We give Christmas trees to our local schools and churches, in both Mucklestone and Northdown, and supply a wide range of local friends, nieghbours , customers and businesses in both areas, who like to buy one of our ‘home grown’ tree from us each year.

To reserve or purchase your Christmas Tree, please contact William or Louise Friend, or staff, on:-
01630 674284 (Mucklestone), mobile 07714241668 (/7), e-mail: info@botanyplants.co.uk. or  01843 862060 (Kent).