2020 Planning applications approved at last

Further to our post of last year , We are delighted that  our proposals for more business units at the farm have finally been agreed and approved .

The planning , conservation , highways and environmental health departments have all agreed to them , vindicating and confirming our long established position-that the established garden and business centre are the most appropriate uses for our land in the urban area, and conservation area, conforming with all local and national policies. We thank everyone who wrote in in support – about 40 of you , and all our other supporters over the years and look forward to being able to progress things forward once more for the benefit of the character, amenity and prosperity of the area.  We are hopeful that this marks the final end to the vindictive, unfounded allegations and claims against us , our tenants and business operations  by our disgruntled neighbour of the past 37 years . stmt regarding supporting documents for CLU 19 1040 refurbishment of CU 00 0611 buildings Mar 2020

plans elevations for Tomlin A and C      20_0320 – report – East Northdown20_   0320 – decision – East Northdown    F_TH_20_0419-HIGHTS-983425


elevation ENBC F existing      20_0419 – report – East Northdown  20_0419 – decision – East Northdown



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